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We cover all facets of corporate investigation, telephone 1300 966 103, email us at  [email protected]. We provide Free Quotes. Our Discretion is Assured. Our licensed private investigators include ex-police and experienced operatives.

Corporate investigation covers many areas of surveillance, factual investigation, research, and evidence location and preservation. These investigations include business and franchise disputes, workplace fraud, workcover fraud, embezzlement, drugs and other criminal activity, complaints of bullying, inappropriate workplace behaviour, inappropriate relationships, sexual harassment and corruption. The evidence may be used in a court, tribunal, negotiation, or internal process.
They may include investigations and surveillance relating to civil action by, or against the corporation. Civil action is similar to criminal prosecution, but with lower evidence standards (criminal - beyond reasonable doubt, civil - on balance of probability); an action taken in either jurisdiction does not mean that a party is guilty, it can be an indication of a dispute, hostility, or legal maneuvers. This is why we have a court case.
They also include resume verification and Australian or international background checks.
Corporate Investigations include benchmarking, due diligence inquiries and confirmation of compliant behaviours, by both their employees and others, through observation, surveillance and factual investigation. Allegations of corruption, criminal activity, and inappropriate relationships require investigation, for the company to meet its obligations to owners, employees, and shareholders. When you need to investigate, a licensed private investigator provide distance between the company and the investigation.
We provide a service that covers corporate investigation, civil action, criminal investigations, brief compilation, and criminal defence investigation, and many other areas. Our basic role is to investigate, compile evidence, and report.

Not all corporate investigations relate to insurance claims or bullying allegations. Senior management are usually allowed to go away quietly, so CV verification becomes important. Sometimes you are researching Executives and CriminalsThere may be elements of a CV that go further than enhancement and approach  FraudSome reference go past 'glowing' and approach corruption, where it is preferred that a problem leave the company, and gain employment elsewhere. Any history of Workplace bullying  should be part of the research for Background ChecksHowever, as bullying is a perception, a subject judgement initially, often other stressers may contribute; at times, when the reaction does not seem to align with the initial alleged incident, this may need to be examined. We also conduct due diligence Workcover Investigations, or investigate suspected Workers Compensation, workplace injury insurance fraud.