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Background check, is research into a persons background using both public and paid for information, and inquiries, phone 1300 966 103 for more background check information.
As experienced investigators we know the ways you may lawfully conduct research about a person. As private investigators we are licensed to conduct such searches and gather private information about a person, for reward. If you have tried the gaudy online advertisements for Criminal Histories you will have discovered that they are mostly American sites; they do American searches. We are Australian, we do Australian searches. Email [email protected]. Free Quotes.

A background check or background investigations are undertaken for a variety of reasons.  People seek criminal histories, traffic histories, relationship histories especially of behaviour towards woman, drug histories and many other similar enquiries.
People want to know about a prospective employee, relative or business partners real history. Resume checks may be done as part of a businesses due diligence, their risk management. Sometimes it's for court purposes, sometimes it's a Family Law matter, it can be to try and protect a vulnerable family member. Probity checks are conducted for many valid reasons.
Yes, we can help. Yes, we know what is legal, what is acceptable, and the methods utilised to obtain the history and indications you seek. We cannot, given the Australian Privacy Law, guarantee what we will find; the outcome of a search isn't known until it is completed, which is why don't, and know one should, make any promises about results.
Now, we cannot provide anyone with a persons full Criminal History, basically no one can on a commercial basis, in Australia. This is the province of the police, and is regulated by many rules and conditions as to what may be revealed, how long after the offence it can be revealed, it's relevance and many other considerations. The Police use this information for court purposes, or to generate suspects for a particular offence, to learn the background of a witness or other relevant uses. A person may contact the relevant Police Force, or Government Agency, or an authorised dealer and request a copy of their own criminal history. If a site offers you this information, don't waste your money, it's a con, it is not available to the public, generally, in that format. We use other methods, and sources of information.