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Check the qualifications, history and performance of a prospective employee, before you make that offer. Just because it's there in black and white doesn't mean it's true!! Let us verify their CV. Call us on 1300 966 103, 24/7 email us at [email protected] investigators. Free quotes, discretion assured. Resume verification, CV checking, taking the time to check a Curriculum Vitae, background investigation, is simple due diligence that may pay a big dividend.

Verifying a CV may the most important part of vetting employee's. There have been glaring examples of failure to conduct even the most basic checks, both by private business and government bodies. Queensland Health gave a number of 'doctors' a free hand within the government health system without even the most basic of checks. Private clinics have permitted 'psychiatrists' to practice in the Northern Territory, who presented with false references and degrees! A curriculum vitae examination, and background investigation, is always warranted.

Large companies have relied on the expertise, and evidence, of supposedly eminently qualified engineers who's supporting documents turn out to be nothing but pieces of paper. These are just some examples of the dangers of failing to verify CV's.
To achieve a position some people lie and embellish, they hide criminal convictions (such as a recent case where a convicted fraudster stated she was 'working from home' when she was actually in jail, another claimed she was home sick with cancer) and dismissals, they overemphasis the things they want you to see, to fit the criteria. A background investigation, researching a CV, is warranted. You have a duty to yourself, the public, other applicants, your shareholders, your family, and your staff, to verify the claims of prospective employee's. A pre-employment check is the first step. This should include a CV check, someone may tick all the boxes, but not be able to verify their claims. People's backgrounds may hold many clues to how they will perform within your company. People often stretch the truth, knowing it is unlikely anyone will check. Some will outright lie. You may also like to consider drug and alcohol testing as both part of pre-employment, and as random checks, as an accepted condition, during employment for all staff. Verifying a CV, checking a CV, a Curriculum Vitae, a resume, a background investigation, is an important first step.