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Fraud is a breach of trust, it is inducing someone to do or not do something, or to hide an illegal action. It is the perception, the creation of a false premise as to the state of things, which leads to the fraudster obtaining a benefit, or a benefit for another at the fraudsters direction. We investigate fraud. Phone 1300 966 103, free quotes.
is the silent killer of business, it is often undetected criminal behaviour by employees that leads to bankruptcy. It can be trusted manager, a senior employee, or a group of related people, who are guilty of fraud. They learn to skim, to create false accounts and back trails, to ask people to send money orders, then arrange for the money orders to be turned into cash. They gradually get bolder, they build up their thefts until the business is bled dry. They often aren't found out until it is almost too late. You take your eye off the ball and they can bankrupt you, and take away everything you've built. When something isn't right you need a fraud investigator, fraud investigation, to find out what is going on.
A person may not set out to be fraudulent in their behaviour, it seems sometimes that people under stress, financial stress, can react by forming a fraudulent intent, employee fraud, embezzlement, is the result. Some form a gambling habit, for some it's drugs, others want the business owners lifestyle, without owning the business. fraudulent behaviour is on the rise, as more people work less hours, but want to maintain a lifestyle, and as drug use in the community also rises.
We have trained certified fraud specialists, and private investigator fraud investigators, who can work with you to investigate the fraud, identify where the money is going, and how. We have people who can look for the tell tales, the lavish lifestyle, the gambling, the other 'business' interests, the renovations, the new car and houses. When you need an experienced fraud investigator, including ex-police, contact us for a free quote, email [email protected], 24/7 online form Investigator. Contact us  for a free quote.

Fraud is basically a form of stealing where a person holds themselves out as something they are not, to gain a benefit. A true fraud involves a conversion to their own use. It can also sometimes be called 'Stealing as a Servant' depending on if they are an employee, what they're doing and how they're doing it. It may also involve 'Fraudulent False Accounting' where the employee is 'cooking the books' to hide their theft, creating false invoices, or clearing refunds and pocketing the money. there may be multiple employees involved, often related to each other. Our private investigators know what to look for and how to find it. An employee stealing from a business, especially when the profit margins are thin, or the theft is bold, means that fraudulent activity by an employee places the business in a finance crises. If caught early enough, the business may be saved, but the cost of the employee dishonesty, their criminal activity, is still huge; not only is it a finance issue, it then becomes a trust issue for the business owner, how can the trust other employees?
It can sometimes take a lot of digging, and lateral thinking, to find what is actually happening to your money. Sometimes you may simply see your profit margin shrinking, but inputs remain unchanged. Sometimes it has gone on so long you can't see it.
Fraudsters will also prey on you at your most vulnerable. If there is a sickness or injury that distracts you, they may move in. Take care.
Call us for a free quote if you suspect this is what's happening. Our private investigators are experienced. We will search for the answer. It may be something you wish to take to the police, it may be something you wish to deal with yourself. It may be family, or a lifelong friend. A private investigator fraud investigator gathers the evidence, you decide how you wish to proceed.
Fraud investigation may be slow, and pedantic, with t's crossed and i's dotted. This may be the only way to prove the case. This may also make it expensive. A fraud case may be taken civilly or criminally, depending on what has occurred, and the ability to afford the cost.
It's your money, you built the business, don't let the criminal behaviour of others destroy it!

We investigate money laundering, and other variations of fraud, and fraudulent activity, including stealing, criminal activity and associations where suspicion is raised, injury claim fraud, as well as misappropriation. When you need a private investigator, a fraud investigator, to investigate a suspicion, contact us for a free quote.