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To locate a missing person in Australia, to find a person in Australia, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, for a free quote. The more information you are able to supply, the greater the probability of a successful outcome. Email us [email protected] for 24/7 inquiries. When you need to find someone, to locate a person in Australia, a private investigator may be the answer.

To locate someone, searching for someone, finding a missing friend or relative, to find a witness, to find your birth mother, or father. Witness location, relative searches and birth parents are major fields of missing person searches. We use a combination of public, and paid for, information to search; we make inquiries with local people, to try and glean further information. We are here to locate a missing person in Australia, find a missing person in Australia, search for a person in Australia, locate a person in Australia.

Our Australian Person Locator is NOT a computer program. It is actually conducted by investigators using our access to various public and private information. We apply human fuzzy logic and experience. As we are not a computer program we have the ability to make phone inquiries, ask questions and if necessary arrange for on site inquiries to be made (we are a networked company with operatives in, or traveling to, various parts of Australia). Things such as being female (more likely to change surname), using multiple names, attempting to avoid contact due to debt and many other variables may increase difficulty. when you need to find someone in Australia, locate someone in Australia, a private investigator, private detective, private investigation service, with experience, can assist, we have the experience, contact us.
WE HAVE HAD AMAZING SUCCESSES using our Australian Person Locator system, including recently locating a birth mother for an Australian adopted girl of 37yrs (adopted at birth). The mother had moved, married and now lives in California, USA (There had been rumours that the birth mother had moved to Germany). All conventional avenues she had attempted previously had failed. The daughter has found a new family of half brothers and sisters, plus medical information she should know.
COSTS for Locating A Person (These are minimums, each request is treated as an individual investigation):
of various computer indices for a person matching the particulars described, straight data matching: $495 (e.g. straight forward search for a person for whom you hold recent details)
For location/circumstances of person requests (Intel. Analyst research), in Australia, less than 5 years since last spoken to, or confirmed location (e.g. person hiding, off the grid): $1265/$1650 + (depending on information and complexity).  Please note, if we establish that you have misled us about the time since last contact, or confirmed location, in an attempt to reduce costs, we will cease working on your file, monies will be forfeit and intelligence gathered shall not be forwarded. Also note that, should it become apparent that you lied about your intentions, or your actions cause harm (e.g. physical harm) to another we may be obliged to assist the police inquiries. Your actions will release us from our obligations to you.
For location/circumstances of person requests (Intel. Analyst research), in Australia, 5 to 10 years, $1650
For complex matters and location/circumstances of person requests (Intel.Analyst research), greater than 10 yrs, $2650 (Male), $3300 (Female - more difficult).
For overseas inquiries please add $650 +.
If it is established
that on ground enquiries are required: $550 major centres, Darwin $660, other area's by negotiation (subject to your approval).
Some clients may only require to ascertain the circumstances of person sought, others may require contact details or request that the person be approached.
We treat every request for our services as a chance to prove how good we are at what we do.  However, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular enquiry, before it is done.
*These costs are for the standard person search, they may vary depending on the degree of difficulty.  For more complex matters such as people on the run for crimes, fraudsters, and parents who have run off with children or involving travel to more remote locations the cost may be higher. When you need to locate someone in Australia, find someone in Australia, you have to know how to navigate the Privacy Act, and have access to paid indices (we do).
For more information on locating a witness for court, finding a witness to obtain an affidavit or as part of court preparation. When you need to locate a witness, find a witness call. When you need to Locate someone (simple) contact us for a free quote.
We do not offer a guarantee of location, nor should anyone else; we are restricted by the 'Privacy Act' and people's misinterpretation of the Act. We are licensed to gather private information for reward. The government has worked hard to permit people to disappear, which criminals and fraudsters especially appreciate; we have to work hard, around these restrictions, to gather information. When you need to locate a missing person in Australia, find a missing person in Australia, or simply find a person in Australia, we are experienced.

TO OUR PEOPLE LOCATOR SERVICE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. When you need to locate a missing person in Australia, find a missing person in Australia, to locate someone in Australia, find someone in Australia, contact us for a free quote.