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Drug investigation by a private investigator, private drug investigation, private investigation. We have investigators with experience in private drug investigation, Phone 1300 966 103, email us [email protected], for 24/7 inquiries. DISCRETION ASSURED. FREE QUOTES. Ex-police and experienced, licensed, private investigators, private detectives. We are good, however, private drug investigations are not cheap, they are difficult (which can mean expensive).

Drug investigations are some of the most intensive, sometimes dangerous, and expensive investigations. To investigate suspected drug use, or drug dealing, requires patience, and lateral thinking. private drug investigation does not enjoy protection under legislation, which means we are generally limited to private investigator surveillance, private detective surveillance. Few people want to give a statement about their knowledge of drug matters.
These investigations can be expensive because, generally speaking, drug users are paranoid. Many of the drugs make them paranoid. The lifestyle makes them paranoid. The people they associate with make them paranoid. If they aren't paranoid the people they hang round with may be! We cannot do a 'buy, bust' in the way police do; we have no protection under legislation, to possess a drug.
For private investigators the matters are generally dealt with through surveillance. This private surveillance, private detective surveillance, may involve multiple operators, multiple vehicles, and discretion by both clients and operatives. Please do not discuss the employment of private investigators to make such inquiries with others. A secret shared is a secret lost.
There are times when the target is too risky (real bikies, with real anger management issues, networked and protected). A private investigator has to assess the risk to himself or herself, of their actions. There are times when the price quoted is too much for the prospective client, which is understandable. A private investigation cannot usually be done 'on the cheap', effectively. Often the chance to gather evidence is the fleeting meeting in a carpark, with a deal done at a window, and occasionally we are tasked to watch a 'crack house' where ice, amphetamines, cannabis, and what other drug you like, is being sold to a fleet of buyers who stop for a short time and move on.
Private investigators cannot do 'buy/busts' like you see on television, they observe. Private investigators cannot take possession of drugs, it is illegal for them, too. Generally speaking people associated with drugs don't want to commit pen to paper to tell you what happened, so truthful factual investigations are rare. Some will, however, speak to you where there is no threat to themselves. You can get evidence of the buying and selling of drugs in public places (when they meet in a carpark, there's an exchange, and both parties move on); you can build up intelligence, and arrange a meeting with authorities if that is the desired outcome.
Drug users and addicts come from a broad spectrum, they may be housewives, barristers or leaders of business; the drugs may be cannabis, amphetamine (speed, ice), heroin, LSD or 'party' drugs (now there's a misnomer).
Signs of drug use include:
1. Changed behaviour (this can be masked for extended periods, as has become apparent by the number of housewives using 'ice', other amphetamines, cannabis or cocaine without their partner being aware).
2. Lying, or deceptive behaviour.
3. Withdrawal.
4. Unexplained money use/disappearance.
5. Paranoia/aggression and changed behaviour.
6. Cutting themselves off from family.
7. Choosing 'alternate' lifestyles.
8. Unknown, and unsavoury, persons attending the premises demanding money.
9. Theft of items of value from home, or relatives houses, vehicles 'stolen' and money taken.
These may be symptoms of other issues, as well. Some drugs, such as high THC cannabis, appear to bring out previously undiagnosed psychological issues, others, such as 'ice' may simply cause mental health issues. Some drugs change behaviours or remove inhibitions. Some drugs cause permanent or irreversible physical changes. These symptoms are applicable to prescription medications, non-prescription medications and illicit drugs. Sometimes the evidence of addiction is contained in their computer activity. Private drug investigation is generally about what can be observed, and occasionally may involve other agencies, at the request of the client. The private investigator is only required to report to the client, not the Police or any other agency. What we do is legal.
Awareness is the first step, investigating may be the second. We investigate, as a licensed private investigator service. Contact us for a free quote. Drugs are not just a 'city' issue anymore, housewives are swapping sex for drugs, kids are stealing from parents, or growing and dealing, working as prostitutes, or mules, underage kids consider swapping sex for drugs normal, in some circles, across the country. Drug use, and private drug investigation, are both spreading, contact us when you need experienced, licensed private investigators.