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The Private Group Pty Ltd, International Investigations Phone 1300 966 103 (Australia), email [email protected], 24/7online form Investigator, recommended for international inquiries. Our head office is in the AEST timezone (GMT +10). There are private investigator information links to the left of the page. Free Quotes. Our Discretion is Assured.

Investigations across international borders provide for some unique challenges.  What is accepted in one court jurisdiction is denied in another. What is acceptable behaviour in one jurisdiction is corruption in another. Private Investigators have to be very careful to comply with local laws, as well as the needs of the client. Some jurisdictions require that only the principle be licensed, some that all investigators be locally licensed, some that no license is required.
Our investigators (also known in some jurisdictions as Private Detectives) are experienced, they will ask questions which border on the pedantic to ensure that the information they obtain is in an acceptable format for presentation in the clients court jurisdiction, that they cover any local idiosyncrasies of a particular court.
For fraud matters the investigation can be expensive and time consuming. We will, at times, advise that it may not be worth the cost however it is ultimately up to the client. If instructed we do proceed in some cases simply on the principle that the client was wronged and wishes to find the offenders. Retribution is as big a driver as restitution where someone has suffered a wrong.
For thefts/frauds sometimes the chase can go through three or four countries.  Where property has been onsold, in some jurisdictions, when the title has gone to a third, innocent, party the property is not considered recoverable. It is only possible to take action against the offenders.
What jurisdiction to take action in is also a consideration, international treaties may need to be confirmed, to ensure that the action you take will be effective in application to another countries courts. 
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