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Process servers, process servers, process serving, field agents, phone 1300 966 103, for 24/7 contact email us at [email protected]. We provide free quotes. We serve court papers, process serving court documents, free affidavit. We get court documents served.

Process Servers are generally licensed (except in Victoria), as either agents or sub-agents. They may be referred to as mercantile agents, or field agents, for some states they are combined with private investigators licenses (NSW CAPI). In Queensland they are Commercial Agents, or field agents. Process serving, court documents serving, actions remain the same. The sealed document (has court seal, or court stamp) must be delivered to either a person or address, an affidavit is completed, and this is returned to the court to confirm service. Sometimes people request service of letters, such as letters of demand, these may not require a court seal. Many documents may be applied for online, through the court portal. These are processed, have the court seal applied, and returned as PDFs; you can forward these to us at [email protected], for service.

For immediate service of court originals, please forward your documents to our head office (clearing house) for distribution, and service; it is strange, however, serving originals, rather than emailed PDFs, is more expensive, now.
The Private Group Process Servers
PO Box 2245 Idalia Q 4811
You will need to
generally include an original and a photocopy (for use with affidavit of service), for electronic files just forward the court PDFs. Where it is lengthy document the cover page of each section may suffice, when completing the affidavit. 
For Applications for Divorce please obtain the service pack from the Family Court.  Please also include a photograph (half A4), if possible.  This assists in identification.  Please allow sufficient time (Divorce Application; at least 28 days clear). if a matter is for urgent attention please mark it as such.
Use Overnight Express Post as a minimum, even if not in service area. It permits the tracking of documents. If you pass the documents over the counter at Australia Post they track from there, if you put the parcel in the box you will only receive confirmation of delivery. Please put over the counter and keep the tracking label.
For payments options for a Process Server please go to Process Server Document Requirements. 
Process servers, process server, process serving court documents. We serve court documents including claims and statement of claims, orders, initiating instructions, divorce applications (divorce papers), notices, subpoena's and other court papers, contact us for a free quote.      

Process Servers, a licensed process server, or an experienced process server where licenses aren't required, conduct process serving, court document delivery, as a commercial operation. It is sometimes referred to as a Mercantile service.