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Meeting a surveillance investigator is something not all investigators are keen to happen; there is a risk of compromising an investigation. Many investigators now prefer emailed instructions, which keep the information clear, and everyone aware of the exact instructions. For a surveillance investigator phone 1300 966 103, email us at [email protected], for 24/7 inquiries. FREE QUOTES.

Surveillance operatives generally don't wear t-shirts displaying the fact they are private investigators or surveillance specialists. They may avoid disclosing exactly what they do when socially engaged. Some will even develop a cover story.
Being an effective surveillance operative means blending in and not drawing attention. This applies to military, police or private surveillance operatives, they want to blend into their environment and not be noticed. Being overlooked is a good thing, in surveillance.

Therefore, some of the big no no's which can create friction with clients include:

1 Wanting to meet with the surveillance operative.

2 Wanting to brief the surveillance operative or team member at the place of business - especially a big no no if the surveillance relates to the business.

3 Wanting to ride with the surveillance operative to show them things (having discreet vehicles is important).

4 Wanting to have a group discussion about the surveillance, including involving people who do not 'need to know'; the more people involved the lower the level of information security.

To blow a surveillance because of a failure to ensure security of information or identity (I saw that guy at Mario's talking with him, last Saturday, he knows Mario, he's probably working for Mario; when Mario is your client and you met at his place, the target lives next door!) is poor form.
Our operatives must sign non-disclosure agreements. Unfortunately some of our clients still want to talk about things. Please fight the urge, and call us for advice and a free quote.

For information about private investigator operations, surveillance investigators, or to see if we can achieve your objectives, contact us for a free quote. To use our work in court it must be lawfully obtained; the outcome of any surveillance or investigation will not be known until the completion of the task. When you need surveillance by a private investigator or private detective, call us.