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WorkCover investigations, sick leave rorting investigations, by private investigators, private detectives. Surveillance and factual investigation, by The Private Group Pty Ltd investigators, for free quotes, discretion assured: Telephone 1300 966 103, email us: [email protected] for ex-Police or an experienced licensed private investigator to investigate your concerns. You suspect, we investigate.

When a worker is injured in the workplace they are entitled to take Sick Leave, a claim against the employers insurance. Generally this is managed and the person is returned to the workplace as early as possible, even in a reduced capacity. This provides the best outcomes for both the worker and management. The general practice is similar for the Self Insured business, those covered by state WorkCover legislation and those covered under the Federal Workers Compensation Scheme. Each employer group may also be confronted by a similar problem, the fraudulent claim. WorkCover and sick leave fraud may start out as a genuine injury, where the person discovers they like being paid to stay home, finds another interest and intends using the WorkCover payments to fund their new venture or decides they are going to 'take' the company for every cent they can; this can become a workplace injury insurance claim fraud. Some people injure themselves elsewhere, then go to work and feign an injury so they can be paid whilst they recover some were only employed for a short time, and had poor job prospects. Some people move from workplace to workplace, making similar claims, aggravating an injury no one knew they had, an old sports injury, a previous work injury. Sometimes the employer is certain that the worker's claim is fraudulent but cannot get a Government department to move, because they have already accepted the claim, and the focus is the injured worker. For the self insured the responsibility to investigate always rested with them. We are there to deal with these matters. We investigate, we gather evidence, we document, and conduct the investigations, and provide the reports and evidence. We conduct factual (circumstance) investigation, private investigator surveillance, and background checks, research. Call us for a free quote.

We conduct WorkCover Surveillance, and factual investigation, we are experienced, and discreet, we investigate as a private investigator service.