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A private inquiry agent, private inquiry agency, Australia. A private inquiry agent is another name for a private investigator. Both refer to a person who gathers private information, and conducts surveillance, for reward, a person who conducts private investigations. A private inquiry agency is another name for a private detective agency, a private investigator agency, a private investigation agent, a commercial agent, a field agent, a process server.
A NSW PI, was a CAPI licensed investigator, in NSW, refers to a Commercial And Private Inquiry agent licence. This is now a separate licence. If you would like to hire a private inquiry agent, to contact a private inquiry Agency, Australia, phone 1300 966 103 (Australia), email [email protected] for 24/7 inquiriesWe provide FREE QUOTES. Experienced commercial and private inquiry agents, private investigator and field agents.

We have private inquiry agents (private investigators and process servers) Australia wide. Our investigation staff investigate for government, corporations, small business and the private person in a number of area's including:
Corporate Investigations, Sexual harassment, Bullying, Fraud, Allegations, Inappropriate behaviour, Breach of contract,  Breach of Copyright, Trademark investigations, Due Diligence, CV verification. workers compensation investigation, Workcover, due diligence or suspected Workcover claims fraud, a suspect Workers Compensation claim, investigated for companies, businesses and the self insured. Criminal Defence, taking police inquiries to all logical conclusions, locating the evidence the other side don't want produced in court – we are aware that not everyone charged is guilty. Intelligence gathering \ investigation \ evidence gathering.
Civil complaints
, including tribunals (defence brief preparation, prosecution investigations).
We investigate
suspected drug and criminal activity – we are not the police, therefore we can report back to you and let you decide what is to be done with the information.
Relationship investigations
: We are the way to confirm or deny a suspicion, or verify a fact. Infidelity, adultery, cheating and other relationship suspicions dealt with. Family Law and child custody matters such as breaches, custody inquiries, suspicions re treatment of children or contact with undesirables, investigations of living arrangements or work. Background checks, Australia or international, Criminal History checks, resume verification, are all conducted by our experienced investigators. Missing Persons, including adopted children \ birth \ mother \ father \ parent, and witness location for court matters. Private investigator surveillance, is used in the conduct of investigations, it may be either static or mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted or on foot. Properly done private investigator surveillance is lawful, the evidence can be used in a court, tribunal, for negotiation or personal information. When you need a private inquiry agent, a private inquiry agency, a CAPI investigator, contact us for a free quote. Factual Investigation, interviewing of persons, the gathering of affidavits (statements), the compilation of timelines, the dissection of, and investigation of, allegations (including allegations briefs) , the location and preservation of evidence. Private Inquiries and Investigations is the gathering of personal information, including private investigator surveillance, for reward. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory. When you need to hire a private investigator, process server, a private inquiry agent, to contact a private inquiry agency, contact us for a free quote.